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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive apparel?

Currently, employees with clinical and patient facing positions are eligible to receive apparel.  An employee’s budget of apparel from Providence is based on their status, commonly referred to as FTE, in the system (full-time, part-time, and casual).

How many pieces can I get?

For new employees in scrub apparel, Providence will provide:

  • 1 Shift:  1 Set
  • 2 shifts: 2 sets
  • 3 shifts: 3 sets
  • 4 shifts: 4 sets
  • 5 shifts: 5 sets

You may use your budget to order any combination of pieces, but we ask that you order at least one complete uniform (top and bottom).  Staff will also be provided with an annual budget to refresh their uniform. 

What happens to the budget in my account if I don’t spend it all?
Your budget credit will expire 30 days prior to year end.


Is there anywhere to try on the scrubs before purchasing?

No, at this moment there are no locations to try on new apparel.

How do New Hires or employees who have transferred into a new role order their apparel?

New hires and transferred employees will receive an email with instructions when they become eligible to order their apparel.

Where will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped to the address you provide at check out. You may not change the shipping address after your order is placed. Please provide a home address that is safe and reliable. We cannot ship to PO Boxes or to Providence facilities. Please take care when adding your address to your order as addresses are not audited and will print on the shipping label exactly as they are entered on your order.

Can I mix and match colors if I don’t want to wear a solid color?

No, employees must wear the provided uniforms from the new online store.  The guiding principle of the apparel program is to help patients identify their caregivers by color.  Staff must adhere to the new program in order to achieve our Patients First goal.  


Can I mix and match any style scrub top, pant or jacket?

Fabrics retain colors differently so for the best color match, order scrub tops, pants and jackets from the same collection. For instance, any item in the Core Stretch line can be worn together and any item in the Infinity line work best together.

I have already used my budget from Providence, can I purchase more apparel?

Yes, employees are able to order additional pieces using a credit card at any time.


I need a medical/religious/cultural accommodation to the apparel program.  What should I do?

Please email Mission Linen at to let us know you are in need of an accommodation.


How should I care for my new clothing?

For best results, please wash your uniforms in cold water with non-bleach detergent. The cold water will help the colors stay vibrant longer. After washing, hang your apparel to air dry or place them in the dryer on a warm temperature, and immediately hang once dried, to avoid wrinkles. Do not bleach your apparel.

Annual Apparel Replenishment

Will we receive a yearly replenishment for scrubs? If so, when?

Yes, an annual budget will be provided to staff to refresh their uniforms depending on job status (full-time, part-time and casual). 

Ordering Process

Employees will receive a welcome email from Mission Linen, with a hyperlink to the new site.  All employees will need to register using EID, and email address, completing registration with an auto generated email from Mission Linen. 

Can I change my sign-on password or email address?

Yes, please contact Mission Linen at or at (833) 525-3784 if you need to modify your profile settings.



Can I return my apparel?

All sales are final. Exchanges will only be made on damaged or incorrect items received.


How do I exchange my apparel if I received the wrong size?

We accept apparel exchanges for damaged or incorrectly received items, so long as the garment has not been worn, stained, washed or damaged, is in the original garment bag with identification information intact, and is returned within 30 days from the date of the shipment.


Exchanges may be made up to 30 days after the date of shipment. Your product must meet the following criteria:

Product has not been worn or washed.

Product has original tags still on.

Reasons for exchange:

Garment is damaged (please identify damaged area)

Incorrect item shipped


If you meet the qualifications above contact Mission Linen at or at (833) 525-3784.


Quality Concerns

For quality concerns, please email Mission Linen directly at or call their Customer Care Team at (833) 525-3784.  Mission Linen will request the employee send a photo of their damaged apparel for further inspection.

What information is required for employees to access the webstore?

EID and email address.  Employees will be prompted, with an email from Mission Linen, to register on the new site


I am a recent new hire and my scrubs will not be delivered in time for my first day of work.

Orders placed on the web store typically arrive in 14 - 21 business days. If you need scrubs to begin work before your Apparel Program scrubs are delivered, you are allowed to wear personal scrubs in the interim.  Please speak to your manager regarding your department’s specific uniform requirements.     

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